Peninsular Fisheries Pvt Ltd. is committed to operate environment friendly and dedicated to the conservation Blue Swimming Crab resources of India. We always advocate for responsible fishing and highlight the essential role of processors/Exporters in supporting the fishing fraternity towards the sustainable exploitation of the crab resource. We financially support the Fishery Improvement Programs undertaken for the conservation & improvement of Blue Swimming crabs stock across Palk-Bay of Indian Ocean, the major source of BSC in India, in collaboration with CMPA India (Crab Meat Processors Association), NFI Crab Council, WWF & Central Marine Research Institute (CMFRI - ICAR).

Peninsular Fisheries Pvt Ltd

Save Mother Crabs

There are elaborate attempts being made to make the fisherfolk aware on saving the berried crabs and put it back to sea. The exporters are taking initiatives for an organised Save mother crab Project.