About Us

Peninsular Fisheries Pvt Ltd. (PENFISH) is the dream project of its founder S.Sanil Kumar, who have been in the Pasteurized Crab meat Industry in India for over 18 years (since 1998), longing to establish a Crab meat processing unit of his own where in, all stake holders of the Industry from the Crab Fishers, Raw Material Agents/suppliers, Procurement & Processing Staff, Managers, Support Staff and the Buyers are equally recognised, respected and appreciated for their role and contribution to the growth of their Company, the Industry & the country. Penfish is a platform where, the workforce is taken care of to the utmost and extend with all possible welfare measures for their social & financial upliftment including but not limited to, Scholarship to labourers' School/College going children, monthly financial aid to the widowed employees, medical support, monthly incentives and above all, a stress free & friendly working environment where everyone feels and enjoy the SENSE OF OWNERSHIP.

The PENFISH was established in June 2014 and propose to enter the frozen seafood arena in 2019. Having affluent expertise in well organised & structured Procuring & processing of superior Quality Grouper/Red Snapper Fish (WR GG & Skinless/Boneless Fillet), Leather Jacket Fish (HO HL/Skin-off), Farmed Shrimps (HO & HL) & Sashimi grade Tondy Squid (Board Squid), Semi Needle Squid, Cuttlefish, for USA, Australia China & Taiwan markets. PENFISH is confident enough to foray in to the challenging frozen seafood sector too to be successful .